Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bag Makeover

I really want a new diaper bag but I just don't have the money to spent on what I really want right now.  So I found this bag lying around my house and decided to fix it up a bit.

Not super pretty right?  So I got some fabric and a glue gun and covered it up.

And added a little burlap flower of course.
I'm happy with the turn out. I'm just not sure the bag functions the way I want it too.  I guess I'll just have to wait until I can afford what I really want!

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Kalli said...

WHAT! I can't believe you just made this bag soooo adorable! You amaze me.

HayLee said...

Way cute!

Kaysi said...

Great transformation, love the burlap!

Sara and Wade Jacobsen said...

totally adorable!

Angela said...

Wow, what a difference that one section of fabric made! I want a new camera bag (because the one I have is ugly), but they are all too expensive. I never even though to use hot glue! Thanks for the idea!