Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lost In Thought

I ran across a blog recently of someone I know.  It was lovely.  Inspiring really. You know those people who make you want to be your best self? Achieve the things you know you can achieve by you let yourself hold you back?  Self doubt is so exhausting.  I don't know why I need to think so much before I do things.  One moment I feel so inspired to do something I have always wanted to do and the next moment I am totally distraught by all my weaknesses and telling myself all of the reasons why I shouldn't.  I need to make some changes.  I am in such a slump lately and I am in dire need to feel successful in some way.  I want to go to sleep at night feeling I got the most out of my day.  Be that in the quality time I spent with my son, or the time I spent in making my house beautiful and clean, working to accomplish and goal, or just learning something new.   I just need to be more.  That is all.

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Sara and Wade Jacobsen said...

Well, I think you are pretty fantastic just the way you are. Any time you want to get together, I am here. I feel the same way you do much of the time, like I am not accomplishing much with my days. It gets pretty depressing. Maybe we could work on some goals together.
You may not know it, but you have made a difference in my life and I know you have made a difference for the young women.
You are awesome!