Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Because everybody's doing it

I keep seeing these rain gutter shelves all over the place.  They are SO cute!  I love this kids play room.  If I could I would make my shelf the length of the wall like this one.  Go check it out!
Check out bethcrabtreehunter.blogspot.com/2009/09/rain-... to see this post and other great post!

I love the idea of having them with bunk beds so the kids get there own space for their books!
Anyway,  I decided I really wanted one for my little boys room.  He has a lot of books and we just kept them in a really ugly cardboard box.  One day my husband was in the garage and found an old rain gutter the previous owners must have left.  Actually there was like 4 of them in there!  It took us a while but this weekend we finally got started on the project.      

         We gave them a really good scrubbing.  Some of the neighbors thought we were a little crazy...


Here is his room before.  The wall is a little plain as you can see.


Here it is!  All done!  I love it.  Although I wish that I could have put it lower so my little one could get the books himself,  this room has some awesome paneling on the lower half of the walls.  (Courtesy of the previous owners) So we had to put it up higher.  Also I would love to put in another one some day.  I think they are so cute!  Useful and decorative,  always a good combo!  I did decide that the wall above it still looked empty so I headed to the craft store!

 I got these big wooden letters...

We were a lowes the other day and they had this mis-tint for 50 cents!  So I painted the letters and sanded them down really good to give them some texture...


Wallah! The letters still need some tweaking, but you get the idea.  I really like how everything turned out!

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Opening my Etsy Shop

So I'm in the process of getting my Etsy shop opened.  I have the shop all set up I just need to get the picture all done.  Here are some of the things I will be selling.  Please pardon the bad photography...

These are a few of the shoes I have done.  I also have some burp cloths and bibs and some other items I will post on another day.

The color yellow

Today I have on my mind the color yellow.  I have seen so many projects done in yellow and now I just need to get my hands on something to paint yellow.  I got a free cedar chest from one of my neighbors and I painted it baby blue.  We are trying to decide on colors for our room redo.  I like the blue a lot but now I think I want to make it look something like these awesome night stands. Check these out!  http://www.allthingsthrifty.com/.   I also really like this spice rack. 

 Here are some more yellow beauties:


Well see what happens to my cedar chest now...