Thursday, January 6, 2011

Muffinn Tin Meal

Yogurt left over from this morning.  I added some sprinkles to spark his interest.  It seemed to work a little.  Yesterday he couldn't get enough of the oranges and today he didn't want any.  I think it may be because he tried to swallow his first one whole and it made him gag.....He loved the crackers and of course was very excited about the chocolate.  I think it was a success.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Muffinn Tin Meals

Lately I have been on some blogs that show off their Bento Box meals and muffin tin meals. Now I am crazy for all things Bento Box but they are way too expensive for my budget. So I decided to try out some muffin tin meals. I thought I had a small tin but I only could find the larger one. If was fun to make though.

 Last night we had oranges, steak fries, little animal sandwiches and ketchup and some ranch.  I have a really picky 2 year old and it seamed to help get him to eat.  I tried it again today for lunch.

 Elephant apples, bear cheese, ham, chips, fruit snacks, and fig newtons.
Its fun but it makes me want to spend a lot of money and get the bento boxes!