Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pretty laundry rooms

image via BHG
I have had my mind on my laundry room lately.  Probably because I'm in and out of it so many times a day I can't ignore it any longer.  It is a very nice space and I'm sure i can do a lot with it.  So, here are some laundry rooms that are giving me inspiration to pretty mine up a bit. 

Image via BHG

Image via BHG

I especially like this one because it's simple and I feel like I could make my room look like that.

 image via House and Home 

I love the calm color of this room.  Everything has a place.  Very simple.

image via Southern Living
I love the wall decor.  I know I have passed up a few of those at thrift stores because I didn't know where i would put it.  Next time I see one I'm snatching it up!

Image via Southern Livning
Can I have fresh flowers in my laundry room?

image via Southern Living

How would I love to have this washer and dryer set?  Maybe someday I could justify an expense like that.  I do love the containers for the laundry soap.  I think I would like to do that with mine.  It looks a lot more attractive that the big bucket I have sitting on my dryer with lint all around it....

Well.  I guess I'd better get cracking on making my Laundry room a little more like these.  Pics to come on my little project.

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Candy (Mama Lion) said...

Hi there. Just started following ur blog and love these inspirational pics. I am collecting a batch of my own for a laundry room as well that we have to start from scratch in our new house. I saw some pretty laundry room decals that are cute for an extra little detail. Let me know if u'd like to see them - I can email them over to u! Good luck!