Saturday, May 26, 2012

T-Shirt Refashion

So T-Shirt refashions are nothing new.  You can find tons of them on blogs and pinterest.  I finally decided to try one for myself.  It was the easiest thing ever and I love the result.  I will def. be trying this one again!  I used the tutorial from THIS site.

 I have had this shirt for a while. I have always liked it but it didn't hold up great in the wash and got a really boxy shape to it.  When I was pregnant I decided to make it into a maternity shirt and just added some elastic to the sides.

 First you cut off the top
 Make sure you use a really coo dinosar ruler while measuring
 Cut off arms and sew the top.  See the link at the top for a real tutorial!
 Take a weird self portrait to try to show how it turned out...

Happy Refashioning!!

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