Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Little Boy's Bedroom

I love my Little Guy's bedroom.  I have been adding stuff here and there all year.  I still have big plans for it but I really like how it has come along.  He is really starting to like it too.  I have all of his toys in bins on the floor so they are easy for him to get out and play with and to put them back.

I got this tool bench at a thrift store especially for children's stuff called Kid to Kid  for $30. As soon as I saw it I had to have it!  Later I found the little tool bench at DI ( Utah's Good Will) for $4 dollars.  The best part was that the other tool bench came with so many tools and A lot of them are compatible with this little bench!

This of course is a pretty old chair but it is comfortable enough and fits well.  Little boy likes to play on it and we read books here.  And it is nice to have a place to sit in the middle of the night when he is crying.  I just dressed it up with a red pillow and a car blanket.
I really like how this book shelf turned out!  Read more about it here.

This was an old Magnadoodle I had growing up.  I love having it on the wall and my little boy loves when I get it down for him to play with it.  The Air plane I got at DI for a couple of dollars.

I see these little flag banners all over now.  It was really fun to make.  I'm planning on making a couple more to add to this one.

I love having all of his toys in bins.  They look it make the room look clean and organized but still very welcoming.

I love this changing table.  We got it at a yard sale for $10 when I was pregnant.  It is the perfect height.  Little boy still fits on it but sometimes I wonder if we should move it out of the room, but then I see all of the storage it has underneath and I decided to keep it in here.

These are just some little details around his room.  I still have a tiny ladder and some little construction cones the need to be put up somewhere.

Kids rooms are so fun to decorate!

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