Friday, May 21, 2010

Tire Playgrounds

I have been looking for something fun for our back yard that Little Boy could play with, namely swing sets.  All I could find in my price range would be two swings and a see saw.  Yip.  I want much more than that.  It got me thinking back to my elementary school play ground when I was a kid and it was full of tires to play on.  So this is what I'm thinking, and the Husband is down with the idea too which is excellent.


Kalli said...

I find myself looking at the swingset listings on KSL at least weekly. Your ideas are soooo cool! Good luck tire hunting.

HayLee said...

told you I have four of them if you want to come and get them :)

Anonymous said...

What is holding the tires together on the peramid?