Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Home Addition Week #1

Hello there! We have exciting things happening at our house, and I wanted to put them up on the blog. We have been wanting to add a little more space to our home for a few years now, and after a lot of planning and researching it is finally happening!
 Here they are demolishing our back patio. It was pretty fun to watch.

 The exterior wall will become an interior wall

We did run into a little snag. They found an old sceptic tank that we didn't know we had. We will have to have them come back to remove it.

 We will be residing the whole house once the addition is finished. We are really excited for this. Our old wood siding is falling off our house.

 We have also discovered that we do not have insulation in our walls, so we will be getting that done as well!

Stay tuned for more updates!

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Essie Reed said...

My husband and I did a similar remodel some time back and, it's interesting, because, we too, found an older septic system buried out back. We were nervous when we found it, but were glad to find out that it wasn't as uncommon as we thought. Anyhow, we're so glad we made the extra space because it just feels marvelous!