Sunday, April 18, 2010

Church Bake Sale

 We had a fund raiser for the Young Women in my church.  They had a dinner with a cake auction and bake sale.  I was supposed to bring something for the bake sale.  So I decided to make rice crispy treats.  I wanted to dress them up a bit so people would want to buy them.
Drizzle chocolate and add sprinkles and wallah!  I sold out at the bake sale too!


Simeona Family said...

HAHA...That's so funny! I had no idea that you were the author of this blog...I guess I didn't pay attention to the picture. DUH! We had some of your yummy rice krispies and they were delicious!!!

Nielson Shmielson said...

That is SO weird!! I thought the name was familiar!! Thanks for buying some haha!

Aubrey said...

um yuuum. Those look sooo good!!