Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Ultimate Blog Party

Hi my name is Kami.  I'm supposed to introduce myself and my blog for the Blog Party.  My blog name is Ada Brown and is also the name for my Etsy shop where I sell shoes and other baby items.  Ada Brown is my Grandmothers name.  I never got to know her because she passed away when I was just a baby.  Some how I always thought I shared a special connection with her despite the fact that she isn't here.  Anyway,  I'm new to blogging and I'm excited to build my blog and create new projects.   I really like to craft and all of the blogs I follow have really inspired me to push myself a little bit, and start crafting!  Come join the party!

Ultimate Blog Party 2010

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Maricris Zen Mama said...

Hi Kami! Stopping by from UBP10! I hope you're having fun so far. Your creations are so cute! Well, come by and say Hi sometimes :)