Monday, April 26, 2010

My Wonderful Adam Love

So there was a mouse in our house the other day.  Not only was it in the house, it was snuggling on the couch with us.  The last time there was a mouse in here was well over a year ago.  I totally freaked out and had totally irrational fears of mice unhinging their jaws and swallowing me whole.  It was hard for me to even be in the house by myself for fear of a mouse attack.  Anyway,  I am a lot more mature now....I have dealt with my mousy fears.  So I told my husband whilst he was running around trying to catch it while I was prepared to throw something at it if I saw it run past me, that If I didn't freak out about the mouse too much I should get a prize.  Well I did a pretty good job.  And this was my prize!
A little award ribbon and everything!  Aren't husbands SO great!?!?

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HayLee said...

I am so happy you defeated the mouse. Mmmm chocolate! way to go!